General course designed for weight loss


Lose 2-3 kilograms per month
90 minutes per class
No Muay Thai knowledge required
80% cheaper than getting PT in gym

30 mins warm up and improve Muay Thai basics

30 mins Muay Thai pad work

30 mins training with sport scientist

Course VDO

What will you get?

1. Consultation with sport scientist about food and nutrition once a month throughout membership period
2. Get one-on-one pad work with Muay Thai instructor. We limit number of students to a maximum of 3 students to 1 instructor.
3. Membership is valid for use in any branch (except Khon Kaen)
4. Enjoy unlimited number of classes when subscribe to monthly Muay Thai buffet package




.1 Why did you decide to lose weight?
I’m a shopkeeper; therefore I have to stand and walk all day. I started feeling pain on my knees. When I walk up and down stairs, I can hear my knees popping and cracking. Even though I exercise by walking and biking, my knees were still in pain; so I decided to join Fitfac. I like boxing and used to hired a personal trainer 5 years before joining Fitfac.

2. Once you lose weight, what aspects in life change?
The pain in my knees are gone. I can walk up and down stairs and stand all day with ease. I got slimmer that other shopkeepers thought I took weight loss pills. Then I showed them my Muay Thai practice photos and videos. Once they saw it, they admired me.

3. What do you like about Fitfac?
Fitfac gives me warmth. The younger staff takes care and give me advise all the time. The more senior staff are respectable. I enjoy the company of both Muay Thai instructors and trainers. I consider them all my teachers. (Kung likes to bring snacks and food for our trainers)

4. What would you tell people who want to lose weight?
I want to tell you not to rush or exercise too heavily. You need to have commitment with exercising and eat nutritious food. I’m sure you will succeed.

Kung is a Fitfac Talingchan Branch customer
Favorite trainer – Nook
Favorite Muay Thai instructor – Bank

Weight before Fitfac 88 kilogram
Weight after Fitfac 63.7 kilogram


Monthly buffet packages (Value package for customers coming at least 3 times a week)

1 month



4 month



2,890 baht/month

6 month



2,490 baht/month

Class pass packages (Value package for customers coming 1-2 times a week)

1 time



Trial day

10 times



in 60 days

30 times



in 360 days

First time trial

No package subscription



Subscription of any package
worth more than 4,000 baht


*Monthly buffet packages allows customers to join unlimited number of classes for the entire duration of membership
*Both monthly buffet and class pass packages allows customers to join classes in any branch, except Khon Kaen
*We accept cash and credit card from all banks
*0% interest installment for 3 months is offered by participating banks and credit cards such as Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungsri Bank, First Choice Card, KTC Card
*Cash installment is unavailable

***Come try your first class with us. No reservation is necessary.


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