Transformation Muay Thai Course


For those wishing to transform their body and lose weight fast
Get in shape before wedding or start of new life
Overweight individual can lose up to 6 kilograms/month

Private transformation course
Pay 1 and get 4

One-on-one session with professional Muay Thai instructor

Training session customized for you

Food recommendation customized for you

Effective weight training programs recommended by world renowned research and books

What to expect from transformation course?

1. Up to 6 kilogram weight loss per month (depending on each individual)
2. Knowledge in nutrition and healthy food
3. Knowledge in physiology and correct exercise from sport scientists
4. Knowledge in advanced Muay Thai from instructors, many of whom are national champs




1. Why did you decide to lose weight?
I felt uncomfortable and sometimes hard to breath when I sleep. When I had activities with my friends, I didn’t enjoy because I moved slowly and eventually it’s better to just sit and watch them have fun. So I decided that it’s time to exercise and lose weight seriously.

2. How did life change after weight loss?
I have more friends. During my high school, I barely had any friends. I got bullied a lot that I had skipped school simply because I didn’t want to be the monster in school. Now, I have a better health and can enjoy many activities like a normal person. I don’t feel different anymore.

3. What do you like about Fitfac?
I feel like home. The staff and customers here don’t see that I am different. In contrast, customers here come to chat and share many things with me. I feel comfortable and want to exercise everyday and there was one entire month that I exercised everyday.

What would you tell people who want to lose weight?
Don’t rush and don’t care what other people say. Just have courage and give yourself moral support to exercise every time.


Trainer: Gun
Muay Thai instructor: Petch

Weight before joining Fitfac: 130 kilogram
Weight after: 63.7 kilogram
Weight loss: 66.3 kilogram



10 ครั้ง



ใช้ภายใน 2 เดือน

30 ครั้ง



ใช้ภายใน 4 เดือน

50 ครั้ง



ใช้ภายใน 6 เดือน

Course Details
* 60 Minute Per session
* Private training by Professional Boxer 30 minutes + Private weight training by Trainer 30 Minutes

*The price above is net of everything. Gloves and handwrap is available to use for free.
* The price above is for payment via credit card only!
* If you pay for the course by cash, the price will be 600 Baht higher compare to credit card payment( We get subsidized from credit card company).



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