Intensive Muaythai(Private 1-1)


Perfect for foreigner to learn the art of muaythai
Great for students on a tight schedule
Visitors to Thailand will absolutely love it
Starting from the foundational principles of Muay Thai

Training of the Champion

Emphasizing the ancient wisdom of Thai martial arts.

Start from the Basics

Taught by experienced Muaythai trainer. Of course we can teach in English

Learn real life techniques

Ignite Your Potential with Intensive Muay Thai Training!(private)

At FITFAC, our experienced Thai boxers offer personalized Muay Thai lessons designed specifically for your pace and goals. Discover the transformative power of one-on-one training as you master this comprehensive martial art.

Two different training styles will be used:

Sparring: Engage in real-life scenario training to acquire effective combat techniques.

Technical drilling: Hone your skills through focused technique practice.

During a dynamic 60-minute session, you will undergo a comprehensive training experience that pushes your boundaries and enhances your abilities.

Our trainers will start from the basics of Muay Thai, teaching you the fundamental standing and walking stances. By building a strong foundation, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the ancient techniques and artistry of this martial art.

Ideal for Muay Thai enthusiasts, this program emphasizes the art and techniques rather than weight loss. It provides a comprehensive training experience to immerse you in the cultural significance and technical skills of Muay Thai. Suitable for all skill levels, it deepens your appreciation and proficiency in this ancient martial art.

In just 60 minutes, you'll undergo a comprehensive training session that pushes your limits and enhances your abilities.

As a bonus, our exclusive 1490 Package includes a pair of authentic Muay Thai shorts, meticulously crafted in Thailand, known for their comfort and flexibility.

With high demand for private sessions, we recommend booking in advance (minimum 6 hours) to secure your preferred location(we have over 10 locations in Bangkok)

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Here's a picture of our awesome muaythai shorts (price 1200 Baht).


12 sessions



Valid within2 Months

24 sessions



Valid within 4 Months

36 sessions



Valid within 6 Months

Trial Package Promotion

4 sessions
Get free Boxing gloves and handwraps


Valid within 4 Week

1 private session


Free Handmande Muaythai Shorts(Value at 1200 Baht)

To make it easier for you to find our gym and arrive on time to train, we can arrange transportation from your hotel to one of our gyms for an additional 300 Baht.
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